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TrapStar - Primary Essentials Pre-Workout | 30 Full Servings

- Pre-Workouts Will Never Be the Same Again! - 

Introducing Trap Star Pre-Workout - the last pre-workout you’ll ever need.

While most pre-workouts either skimp on ingredients, or add ones that aren’t needed…Trap Star Pre-Workout provides EVERYTHING you could ever need in a pre-workout, and nothing you don’t.

There’s never been a pre-workout like Trap Star Pre-Workout before, and there never will be again. So if you want the last pre-workout/energy supplement you’ll ever need, at an affordable price, then you’ll want to grab a bottle of Trap Star Pre-Workout while we’re still in stock. Your body will thank you.

TrapStar Pre-Workout Delivers only the core essentials needed for the full pre-workout experience; Physique Altering Pumps, Muscle Cell Hydration for Power and Blood, Fast and Slow Release forms of Caffeine, and Fast Acting Nootropics. TrapStar isn’t laced with unnecessary, ineffective, and false claiming ingredients that you have to pay extra for. With TrapStar you only pay for what is proven to work; dosed high with 30 Full Servings and an Addictive Taste!

SIMPLIFIED MUSCLE ACQUISITION - The ideal pre-workout to FIRE you up for a high-level training session doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Get lit and hype, get a nasty pump, become explosive, and get your mind right- all while saving some coin. TrapStar is the inexpensive gateway to helping you gain good muscle by empower your workout in every direction. 

“Spare Me the Bullsh!t!” - You have better things to spend your money on than a bunch of trash ingredients no one has heard of that just popped out of no where with almost no research. We hear ya! TrapStar is your neighborhood gym supplement pusher, but we most definitely aren’t going to push fake, make believe, and bullsh!t ingredients that come with big promises and result in no action.

Pure Citrulline - Beware of companies that use Citrulline Malate; it’s citrulline mixed with malic acid. How much of it is Citrulline and how much is Malic Acid? No one knows because they will never tell you. For all you know- you could be getting 90% Malic Acid because it is super cheap! TrapStar uses 100% Citrulline to open up your blood vessels so a surge and overflow of blood engorges your working muscles. The results could make it appear as though you gained 10 pounds of muscle right while working out. That’s that stupid pump! Tight, filled to the brim, and almost painful muscle pumps.

Fast Acting Nootropics - There is a common theme and denominator among supplement companies. They will try to save money at every corner. Most nootropics found in pre-workouts only work if taken for months and months without skipping at day with doses that are not cost effective; only to offer you minute benefits such as memory enhancement or to prevent cognitive decline. How does this help you for a workout? TrapStar contains Huperzine A, a focus elevator designed to go to work fast, giving you the more immediate benefits needed to drill the weights. There are too many distractions to count in the gym these days; TVs, yoga pants, and much more. You need something that kicks right in so you can concentrate on one thing – training hard.

Pink Himalayan Salt - This ancient salt comes from the days when dinosaurs roamed. It is loaded with trace minerals and contains the complete of electrolytes needed to lifters, unlike regular table salt. Sodium acts like creatine by hydrating muscle cells. It also volumizes blood causing dense pumps and prominent vascularity.

2 Types of Caffeine - Caffeine is a no brainer in a pre-workout. Its tricks your body into being wide awake and alert. The problem is, if you only have 1 source of caffeine that hits you hard and fast; chances are you will wind up being too gassed to finish the workout strong. Don’t find yourself running on fumes halfway through your training. TrapStar contains a form of fast acting caffeine, and a long lasting, buffered, and slow release type of caffeine in the form of Green Tea to keep you trucking at full speed until you say quits.

Trusted Ingredients Dosed Right! - I don’t care if a pre-workout has 50 ingredients in it. Who gives a crap if every one of them is under-dosed?? Trust us, you rather have the multiple, properly, and effectively dosed ingredients in TrapStar than the assorted "hodge-podge" of under-dosed make believe ingredients other brands carry.

Support Owners that Actually Lift - You would be shocked to find out how many CEOs of supplement companies don’t even lift. Look them up! They are supposedly designing and creating supplements for lifters and they don’t even touch weights. Owners, Chris Nagy and Tim Muriello, are freaking jacked and are both veteran lifters that know the critical needs of bodybuilders. Out-of-touch and far removed CEOs aren’t in the game and don’t feel your pain. Trap House Labz was built by seasoned bodybuilders that are still out there with you fighting for every ounce of muscle - week in and week out!

"The Taste Is On Point" - They say taste is everything. Of course, it is not, but you still gotta’ drink the sh!t! If you are going to be drinking a pre-workout every day, it might as well taste fire! TrapStar taste so good you will have a hard time believing it is a sports nutrition drink. That’s because we use a top-level flavor chemist to create our delectable flavor system.

Explosive Power - Notice the 2 whopping grams of Taurine yet in TrapStar? Oh you will! We put 2 monster grams of Taurine in our pre-workout so you can start strong and stay strong while having explosive strength. Taurine gives your muscle power. Power to help you make the weight fly fast. To move big weight, you need explosiveness. 2 crazy grams of Taurine will have your muscles locked and loaded to fire when ready!


Important Information:

Safety InformationConsult with your doctor before use of this product. Product contains 300mgs of caffeine per 1 scoop. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Store in a cool, dry place.

IngredientsCitrulline, Caffeine, Green Tea, Taurine, Pink Himalayan Salt, B-12, Huperzine A

DirectionsConsume 1 scoop mixed with 8 - 10 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to exercise.


FDA Warning & Disclaimer: This product and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

(Statements hereon have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)