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Präctrition™ by Iron Buffet DNA (DNA Test Kit W/ Lab Analysis + Personal Wellness Report)

Your Next Level of Health is Waiting!

This means there’s potentially another level of health for you sitting dormant, waiting to be unlocked. Another level of energy. Another level of recovery. Another level of life.

The cost of trying to do this on your own.

If you were to get the high quality ingredients in the amounts and forms you need on your own, all of which'll be in your custom Iron Buffet DNA formula, you'd be spending anywhere from $700 to over $2,100 a month, and taking tons of capsules each day. And that's IF you somehow found a way to analyze your DNA, figure out what your DNA “gaps” are, and how much of each ingredient you'd need to fill in those “gaps.”

Talk about difficult and expensive.

You could invest a tiny fraction of that each month in one complete supplement specifically designed just for you, to fill in the gaps in your DNA, so you can reach your genetic potential.

Iron Buffet DNA is an investment in your health and your future.

To order the DNA Test Kit, the 38 page DNA Wellness Report, and the 30 day supply of Preptrition™ today, it’s one easy payment of $199.99. Then to get your personalized Präctrition™ supplement by Iron Buffet DNA every month it’s only $159.99 a month. Are you ready to reach your next level of health and performance?

Don’t just supplement... Unlock your Genetic Potential!

When a person has their custom DNA supplement made, their information is secure and held in the strictest confidence in our state of the art CLIA Certified, HIPAA compliant, and CAP Accredited lab. 


Präctrition™ by Iron Buffet DNA

Are you ready to unlock genetic potential!?

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