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Discover YOU 2.0 with Präctrition™ by Iron Buffet DNA

Your Next Level of Health is Waiting!


Präctrition™ by Iron Buffet DNA (DNA Test Kit+ Personal Wellness Report)

Advanced DNA Science To Help You Train Harder, Recover Faster, and Unlock Your Body's Hidden Genetic Potential!

Your DNA Wellness Report


Identifies genetic indicators that will give you many of the details you need to empower you to act affirmatively to positively affect your health and fight aging, look, feel and perform your best. You can’t alter your DNA, however there are actions you can take to work with your DNA. That includes precise nutrition to address how your genes may impact you.

Practrition is specifically designed for YOU. It leverages nearly 100 clinical studies related to overall health and provides you with precise, clinically substantiated levels of ingredients to drive real benefits related to overall wellness.

After 24 years of research and development, our Scientific Advisory Board created over 400,000,000 different possible supplement combinations, so our patented technology chooses the perfect formula for you.

Which means your custom, one in 400 Million supplement works with your DNA instead of against it to create YOU 2.0 as we've discovered a tried and true process to test your DNA and create a custom supplement just for YOU!