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Gain The Cutting Edge Over Your Competition With The World’s First Custom Supplement Made For You Based On Your DNA.

Präctrition™ by Iron Buffet DNA

That's because...

One-size-fits-all supplements aren't made with the most important factor in mind.

The factor that literally controls how your body and brain perform. Your DNA.

And if your supplements aren't working with your DNA, they're working against it.

Which means you’re throwing away peak performance from the get go.

So you can scarf down as many one-size-fits-all supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbs as you want.

But because most people weren’t passed on the genes to properly absorb and use many of those vitamins and minerals...

There’s a good chance your recovery and performance isn’t nearly where it could be.

And if you aren’t supplementing in a way that works with your DNA, there’s a good chance your body and mind aren’t performing the way they could.

The good news is you can use...

What if you could finally look, feel, and perform the way your genes intended?

Wouldn’t you feel more vitalized, active, and productive?

And how about if you could finally experience the limits of what your body has the potential to be?

Imagine getting the biggest performance boost of your life so you can hit new levels of performance with precision.

Your system will function at optimal levels.

Which means you’ll be able to push yourself past your current limits without getting hurt.

Plus, let’s be real.

You work hard enough to know what an extra 5%-20% boost can mean in terms of results.

Everyone Has Unique DNA.

So Unlocking the Power of your DNA will create a unique YOU 2.0 for each person.

Your YOU 2.0 will look and feel completely different from your teammates, your friends, and even your parents.

Which is why those who take this new custom supplement based on your DNA sometimes experience unintended “side effects.”

For example... Barbers were shocked when balding men in their fifties started to grow back hair they haven’t seen since they were in their early 20's.

Women going through menopause reported that their mood swings stabilized and their hormones felt more balanced.

Self-proclaimed “limp, tired men” reported stronger, higher libido and energy.

Athletes quickly beat personal records and experienced unmatched recovery.

Elders with heart palpitations started feeling a stronger, healthier heart.

Teens with bad acne quickly had their skin clear up.

All because this new custom supplement supported the genes that weren’t functioning properly.

And because of how potent this unique formula is, some people report that they have to eat before they take their custom DNA supplement to avoid getting a stomach ache.

No more playing guessing games with your health.

We’ve narrowed down the science to tap into the next frontier of truly personalized nutrition.

This custom supplement has nothing to do with taking fad “super vitamins,” magic pills, or even doing blood work.

It has everything to do with decades of peer reviewed, science backed research.

Are we claiming too much? 

We don’t think so.

We’ve borrowed the knowledge and expertise...

Let’s say your DNA test didn't pass on the VDR gene to properly absorb and use Vitamin D.

That Vitamin D3 you may be taking? Flushed down the pipes.

Or if you weren’t passed on the FUT2 gene to properly absorb and use Vitamin B12, you’re wasting a ton of money on Vitamin B12 supplements.

How about if you weren’t passed on the ATP5C1 gene to properly promote mitochondrial function and energy production within your cells?

These are 3 of over 660,010 variants that may not be functioning optimally in each person.

And some of those variants can have a negative ripple effect to many other genes if they’re not addressed when you supplement.

Especially if you use one-size-fits-all supplements.

The world’s top athletes and high performers don’t use one-size-fits-all coaching programs.

They don’t use one-size-fits-all sleep schedules.

And they don’t use one-size-fits-all training programs.

They use custom solutions to solve custom problems.

And if your health and performance are some of the top priorities in your life, shouldn’t their solutions also be custom?

At Iron Buffet DNA, we think so.

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