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The Missing Link To Optimal Living.

Your DNA covers every aspect of your health—from sports performance and recovery to longevity and how you age and everything in between.

The problem is most people are taught to blindly “hack” their body to achieve peak performance and health with supplements that aren’t designed for them and their DNA. Which means you may not be filling in the missing “gaps” in your DNA.

Filling in the “gaps” in your DNA could be the key to unlocking your genetic potential.

This might sound like science fiction. But after 24 years of grueling research and development from our Scientific Advisory Board, including some of the top scientists and doctors in the country from highly respected medical institutions like MIT, Yale, and Johns Hopkins... it’s finally possible!

You 2.0

What will unlocking your genetic potential look like? It’s up to you to find out. Everyone’s genetic potential is completely unique to them because their genes are too. So each Iron Buffet DNA customer experiences a wide variety of benefits. From increased energy, to improved digestive health, sounder sleep, faster recovery after workouts, enhanced immunity, and so much more.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It,

See what our thrilled customers have to say about unlocking their genetic potential with their custom DNA-based formula from Iron Buffet.

What are the “gaps” in your DNA?

Our DNA is the “instruction manual” that tells our bodies what to do. The orders in the “instruction manual” are carried out by tiny workers, called “genes.” When a gene isn’t doing its job properly it’s called a genetic variant or what we call, a “gap” in your DNA.

How the “gaps” in your DNA can shape the way you look, feel, & perform.

Sometimes genetic variants can change your eye color, hair color, or skin color. Other times they can change the way your body functions. Like how fast your metabolism is. How well your body can detox. Your inflammatory response. How well your body maintains healthy blood pressure or cholesterol levels. And much more. They even decide how well your body uses key nutrients like CoQ10, folate, and Vitamin D.

Be the healthiest you’ve ever been in 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Painlessly collect your saliva sample with the cheek swab included in the Iron Buffet DNA Test Kit.

Step 2

Mail your sample to our lab in the prepaid envelope found in the Test Kit.

Step 3

Start taking your 30 day supply of Preptrition™, the plant-based supplement that prepares your body to get the most out of your DNA customized formula.

Step 4

Receive a customized, in-depth 38 page DNA Wellness Report outlining the genes you do have, and any gaps in your DNA. Plus the ingredients needed to fill in those gaps.

Step 5

Your customized DNA supplement is formulated and shipped right to your door to unlock your genetic potential.

Science-backed plant-based ingredients.

- - - - -

Each supplement has up to 100 peer-reviewed plant-based ingredients along with raw food, superfoods, prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. You get your own personal formula that's custom tailored for you, catered to what your body best absorbs.

Your next level of health is waiting!

This means there’s potentially another level of health for you sitting dormant, waiting to be unlocked. Another level of energy. Another level of recovery. Another level of life. Even if you were born with “gaps” in your DNA and have genetic variants (which everyone does and is extremely common).

You Are Not Your Genes.

It doesn’t matter if your parents didn't pass on the genes to do some of the things your DNA tells your body to do. With your custom Iron Buffet DNA formula, you'll have the right nutrients, in the right forms, and the right amounts, to make sure you can get the most out of your genes. And help your body function like it's meant to.

Patented cutting edge technology delivering the new standard in nutritional supplements.

Stop guessing what supplements are right for you. We've worked tirelessly over the past 24 years to build a patented software that makes custom supplements that give you the ideal dosage of the precise nutrients your body needs based on your specific DNA.


Our ingredients are clean, organic, wild crafted whenever and wherever possible. All ingredients are supplied to USP standards and are manufactured in a plant that’s cGMP certified (certified Good Manufacturing Practices), and also registered with the FDA as a food manufacturer.

There are over 400 Million combinations!

Picture it as concentrated raw food/herbs. After your DNA test results are established the intellectual software is “pairing” you to your Iron Buffet DNA. During that 2-4 weeks, Prep-TRITION™ is a formula to prep your body for your very own Iron Buffet DNA.

When you order Practrition™ by Iron Buffet DNA today, you get:
- DNA Test Kit with a pre-paid shipping envelope. - 30 Day Supply of Prep-Trition™.- A Personal Report: DNA Analysis Test Results.
After your first month of Practrition™ by Iron Buffet DNA is up, you’ll receive a new supply of your custom formula each month at $159.00 per month, that can be paused or canceled at any time by contacting our world class customer support team.

After your DNA test results are established from over 400 million combinations our intellectual software is "pairing" you to your very own custom formula. This formula is constructed with a patented technology from over 100 peer-reviewed plant-based ingredients along with raw food, superfoods, pre-biotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Then 2-3 weeks after your DNA analysis you will begin receiving your own custom blend on a monthly basis putting as end to "Blind Nutrition" (An auto bill payment of $159.99 per month).